Bed Frames

Most of our metal bed frames Newcastle Stoke-on-Trent use a sprung slatted base which adds extra comfort and support. However, some models are made with a mesh base. Metal bed frames are the perfect touch to any traditional or modern bedroom. They come in a variety of sizes, styles and finishes including white, ivory, black, nickel, brass and silver. For a bed frame with a little bling why not try a bed frame finished with crystal finials.

Bed Frames

Wooden Bed frames provide strong support and come in many different designs and finishes including pine, waxed pine, oak and many more. From chunky solid style bed frames to small delicate spindled designs you are sure to find one that suits you and the style your bedroom. Our full range of wooden bed frames are available to view in store Newcastle Stoke-on-Trent.

TV Bed
Bed Frames

Forty Winks offers a wide range of bed frames Newcastle Stoke-on-Trent our TV range are specially designed to house a TV of your choice, which is remote controlled to rise from the foot end of the frame. All styled for todays modern living.

Bed Frames

A bed frame from Forty Winks special range of kids beds will add that little bit extra style to the their bed room, from novelty bed frames with pink hearts, footballs and even car and bus shaped beds. Kids bed frames Newcastle Stoke-on-Trent we are sure you will find that perfect bed for you child's room.

Day Bed
Bed Frames

Forty Winks Bed Centre's range of Day Beds you can something differnet to your spare room or a childs room. Available in different finshes inlcuding black, ivory and white all with a sprung slatted base. Some of the day beds also come with an optional extra pull out guest bed which is great for that unexpected visitor or a childs sleepover.

Leather & Upholstered
Bed Frames

With Forty Winks Bed Centre's Leather & Upholstered bed frame range you can add a new 'modern' look to any bedroom. From real leather to the more eco friendly leather - or faux leather - there will be something to suit everyone. We also have a huge range of difference fabrics and colours giving you an extensive choice of upholstered bed frames.

Guest bed
Bed Frames

Forty Winks Bed Centre's Guest beds offer you the option to have a single metal, wooden or faux leather bed frame with a pull out guest bed underneath, saving space, for that unexpected guest or even for a sleepover. The two beds can be either pushed together or be used as two separate single beds.


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